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Project UberTranslater Tweets

Discussion in 'Advice' started by SickOfThisSh, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. Hello Everyone. I've had a little luck talking to media people across Twitter. So I started a new account to harness the brainpower of this forum...

    Simply put, I'm throwing down a comedic gauntlet, and ya know what, you guys are pretty funny. So I'm getting out my best truth bombs and am out to hurt

    I'm crowdsourcing what to tweet to the fine people of the media/twitter. This is designed to be a brief quick format to allow our voices to be heard, if we make people laugh, it will be amplified. Sometimes funny, sometimes scathing, this shouldn't take much of anyone on here's time, just a quick way for me to pretend I'm a human being again. Additionally, this will help change the LANGUAGE of this discussion.

    When it comes to language an example would be : Dara (CEO) Our drivers don't want to be employees.

    #UberTranslater : People who don't want to be employees sure as hell don't want you claiming to know what we want! How about respecting your drivers and not speaking on our behalf mmmmkay. #UberBS
    Wow Dara! So true, I love being an IC! Trying to figure the profitability of a ride without destination or...pickup addy...is tough. Maybe we drivers are just dumb.

    Worst case scenario we are just blowing off steam, same way everyone does in the forum.

    So, for the first tweet, I'm gonna sit here and try, this is the original article.


    The person quoted in the article, John Horton, NYU I've chosen to be the first receipiant of a tweet (as we work up to better targets!).

    So their are several claims in the research quoted in the article.

    Mainly, that we literally, you know, stop anting if we make money. So tweet proposals below. Rewrite or propose new ones/approaches. Workshop this shiznit.


    2. I don't have a degree in economics but as a driver I'm concerned about the effects on driver profit. Reminds of the time an Uber driver was trying to make rent behind a gay bar.

    3. Any chance I can get the raw dataset of the Uber research? You know, the raw one, you've dealt with Uber, you know what raw feels like.

    4. So Independent Contractors are correct in that Uber is being made purposefully unprofitable to squeeze more work out of them?

    5. Uber said lower fares, more rides, more money. Our Uber prophet forecast less profits? Who would the great econ professor believe? Uber or the Prophet?

    6. Uber said lower fares, more rides, more money! As an econ prof. did they choose money on purpose? Our Uber prophet forecast less profits?

    7. As a driver, would you be surprised to find out I FEEL like Uber lies? Just asking.
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  2. You know there is a character limit on tweets...you seem more the publishing type
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  3. I'm workshopping it here. Looking for anyone that wants to help/contribute. The tweets proposed at the bottom can be condensed easily (only sending one, whichever is best).
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  4. unPat


    Tweet is now upto 280 characters.
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  5. Okay, recently posted article indicates something critical.

    Hey! As drivers we are confused. You call Uber an OPEN platform. What is that? As drivers we don't get dropoff or pickup addresses anymore...maybe OPEN is the feeling my butthole has after driving for Uber? That open?
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