Prime time in recently expanded areas


Lyft expanded to my area recently. The area covered by a driver when online is roughly 60,000 or 65,000 people.

Recently, we had two nights where either 3 or 4 drivers were driving and getting back-to-back fares. One was the college homecoming weekend (4 drivers had 118 fares between us that night) and another was Halloween Saturday, which was back-to-back rides for three drivers for a bit over three hours. I talked to a few of the passengers and they were saying it took a few attempts to get a driver, or reporting 5-10 minute waits before they were assigned a driver.

We haven't seen a whiff of prime time here yet. Is it the case that Lyft has prime time disabled for areas like this? I did ask Lyft and didn't get a useful response. I could see why they might disable prime time if there aren't many drivers, because any one or two drivers could cause prime time to spike by going offline and then cash in.


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Lyft wants to provide a cheap realiable ride and you subsidize it by using your car and time. Prime time is bogus. My market has prumetime 24/7 50% - 600%. I would be lucky to get one a day.


Yeah, i travel to larger cities (like Madison) for work but I don't bother driving in them because I'm only driving right now to get ride-share established in my area. Once it's established, I'll probably drive only occasionally. Mostly i'm just wondering if it's even enabled at all or if it's possible.


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Lyft should create a product in your market that gives passengers the option of ordering a priority ride.

Simply have another type of ride:

Lyft (normal Lyft, may have long ETA when busy but never has PrimeTime prices)

LyftPriority (low ETA but at higher price based on dynamic PrimeTime algorithm)

LyftPlus (6 passengers, for context)

Passengers that are in a hurry can *choose* to pay PrimeTime prices to get a driver now. Everyone else will just do what they are already doing..