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Prices go down Uber advertises, when prices go up...


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... You have to do the work and find out how much.
No real surprise here just slimy Uber being slimy. But the way they do it is important and drivers should be aware.

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I'm convinced that 99% of passengers are 0% interested in the fare break down, they simply want cheapest way to get from point A to point B.

Remember the old workers poster? You can have:

Quality Work
Fast Work
Cheap Work

Pick any two.

With Uber you get all three.


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HOLY SMOKES! Showa50 your post sparked my curiosity. So I checked Detroit and SRF is $2.30!!! So then I checked Los Angeles to compare and it's $1.65 SRF there. AND Detroit is still .75cents a mile. When Uber falls, I may throw a damn party. You got it right, Uber Slimy Uber!


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I got the SRF increase email last night while driving Hollywood - the city of $4 minimum fares. So, if the SRF was $1 in L.A. and the minimum fare is $4 in L.A. - wouldn't increasing the SRF to $1.65 take a driver's net of a $4 fare from $2.20 to $1.55 - on say a 6 block trip?


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Imagine a restaurant charging it's customers, on every bill, an insurance, staff training & safety fee. The menu still has the same prices on it didn't go up. But the restaurant's profit sure did!

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That's pretty chicken Shit. As I see it the riders are paying for it and we get none of it. then the pax discover no more Min $4.00 trips $5.45. Will the pax think we got a raise ? U betcha, and take it out on the drivers rating, nice. Happy Holidays....

I wonder if the IRS can make heads or tails of there accounting.