Price differences between x and pool

What would you rather have?

  • A $60 (rider cost) x ride with a $5 tip

    Votes: 6 60.0%
  • A $45 (rider cost) pool ride with a $10 tip

    Votes: 4 40.0%

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pizza guy

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A friend who doesn't drive is coming over to paint my place this weekend. Just in case we started drinking I wanted to know the cost of Uber vs driving him myself so I checked.

Lisle to Elgin pool was $45 and x was $60. The thing is the expected arrival time had only a 2 minute difference. That 15 bucks is huge and even as a driver who hates pool I am tempted to order that, take the savings, and tip extra. It kind of explains why some these pool trips end up with such unexpected tips, they're simply passing the savings on to us.

Although it's hard to blame the rider, what the hell is Uber doing? They are either dumping pool or overcharging on x. I did the math and at my pay I would collect about $34.


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They have inflated X a lot lately. A ride to my buddy's 6 miles away used to cost me $10ish, now it's 13 every time I look.