pretty new at this ( couple of months)


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not wanting to know your secret spots or anything. but what do you consider a good day in San Antonio, a good week???


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$10 hr. I drove for a couple years and the only sure money is Saturday night and one surge ride at the end of a spurs game.
All other times you're lucky to get $10hr.
There is no money. Seriously. You can believe this or find out the hard way. You can hang around the medical center and do $3 apartment rides, you can hang around utsa and do $3 apartment rides, you can sit at the airport and snag 1 $8 ride dwntwn per hour and a half, but there is NOWHERE you can go and make more than $10hr with consistensy. Better have another job.


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over the past 4 weeks, but mainly only weekends ( about 2/3 of all trips Fri,Sat,Sun. ). I got back on the road due to an Uber offer.

I've been averaging $15 / hour according to Uber's stats.

I'm surprised at $15 / hour, but it still sucks.

Avg payout per trip was $8.60 for 51 trips, trip + tips.

I know most drivers don't like to deduct $0.50 per mile for expenses.

but if you search "cost per mile of car ownership"

you'll find most researchers consider $0.50 too low, even the IRS does.

iow, Uber pays $0.6225 / mile, and many studies say cost per mile is $0.60 LOL

From your $0.02 / mile net income LOL, you then lose payroll deductions and income tax


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The best time to do Uber in S.A. are Friday and Saturday nights, hanging out at the airport, sporting events, or concert events. Other than that morning/evening rush hour on weekdays and lunch/dinner times if your doing UBEReats.