Predict my Friday!

Bill Wirth

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i have to go to ear doc in chapel hill at 3:45pm. I'm starting in Durham or chapel hill at about 5am and working until my appointment. I would like some predictions of what I will make or what might happen? Be creative!

Disgusted Driver

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Creative, he says: $124, $4 in tips, and hopefully a crazy story or two ala SadUber

Sorry, no threesomes, foursomes or moresomes during the day. Can't imagine that there will be too many drunks, maybe something exciting will happen like someone will leave something in the back seat and you'll have to decide whether to chuck it. Bottom line, hate to rain on your parade but this aint as much fun as it used to be.


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You will make three trips to RDU, back and forth, between picking up Dukies late for class, and dropping off nurses to the hospitals. Your last RDU trip will take to to the boondox late in the afternoon, and you will forget about the Duke game clogging off all streets, and you arrive for you appt, after 4pm, and the doc has closed early for the day.