Pre-scheduled ride BS..

Got a ping today for a ride 8 miles away. Arrive at 2:55.. App states this was a pre-scheduled ride for 3:10 (Not one i picked up or planned). Count down starts and rider cancelled at 3:09. Waste of my time since I wasn't able to cancel a "pre-scheduled trip" by rider. What a bunch of crap.


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I have a question about the Lyft scheduled ride that their customer service reps rather don't understand the question or aren't allowed to say. When I accept a scheduled ride near my house say to the airport (good ride). I might of accepted the ride days in advance. The app wants you to log on and accept the ride twenty minutes before the scheduled time. If the P/U address is only a few minutes away, and I wait at home for a few minutes it is always cancelled right before the 5 minute (cancel fee) mark. So you have no choice on these types of rides to arrive super early and hope the rider doesn't wait until the scheduled time.

I can see why the algorithm would auto cancel if the driver isn't moving towards the P/U point but try to get the customer service reps to confirm or deny this is a joke. Especially since it blames it on a customer cancel.


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Well if you had a good trip before the scheduled ride or got a big tip, you will not get the ride even if it's scheduled. Just because you accepted the ride, lyft won't let you earn without control. Get used to it.


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I know. This happens to me too. Just a couple days ago, I grabbed a scheduled ride and it pinged me 20 minutes early. I tried texting the pax to see if they were ready yet....and they weren't even getting OFF work until the EARLY scheduled time. I.E. 7:00 pm for a 7:00-7:10 pm.
This meant from the time I got and accepted the ping....the pax would possibly NOT be in my car for HALF AN HOUR. :eek:
I then texted him back apologizing that I would have to cancel since I did not want to wait that long. I immediately emailed Lyft and complained. THIS was their response:

Thanks for bringing your concern about scheduled pickup to our attention. We understand this can be confusing. Don't worry, we got this for you.

I just confirmed your Scheduled Ride with ***** on Sep 03, 2017 ********.

Just a reminder, adding a Scheduled pickup, does not guarantee that the ride is your's, you need to wait for the notification coming from Lyft.

In addition, we advise you to prioritize on-demand requests since there's no penalty for missing a scheduled pickup because you're in another ride.

Please know that after you have tapped "Accept" and passenger cancels the ride, cancellation policy for Lyft Classic applies wherein you'll receive a cancellation fee if criteria below have met:

  • At least 5 minutes have passed since they made the request.
  • You're on track to arrive within 5 minutes of the original ETA
  • Also, if the passenger isn't at the pick-up location when you arrive, we recommend waiting a minute or two, then giving them a call. If your passenger does not answer, wait a little longer until you can mark them as a no-show. This option will pop up after 5 minutes on regular and Plus rides, and about a minute and a half on Lyft Line
Once a passenger was tagged as a no-show, a cancellation fee will be applied to their account as well.

To know more about scheduled pickups, you may always visit our Help Center at

Hopefully, that cleared things up! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any additional questions or concerns.

All the best,

TOTALLY USELESS. Did not address the problem AT ALL. :mad:
OP.. Just to clarify. It wasn't a pre-scheduled ride I accepted, it was a ping that said pre-scheduled ride when I accepted. Just looked back and I did get a $10 cancellation fee. I've actually taken rides from this office building before. I think it's some type of employment program for people with disabilities and the rides are scheduled & paid by a 3rd party (DART?). I've picked up people from the Lighthouse as well. It employs blind people. Pax told me DART schedules and pays.


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Could you imagine how great the CSRs could be if they were former drivers. Then they would understand our issues. I have a feeling they probably don't want former drivers working as CSRs just so their precious algorithm secrets aren't exposed.