Ppz Alert


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PPZ are personal, not national. Telling you that there is a $1.50 PPZ on the evergreen Point Floating bridge in the middle of Lake Washington during gridlock wouldn't do anyone any good.

Even in Seattle.

This is clearly a SCAM post.
We've had them out on the runways at the airport! Clearly we're not able to drive out to the runways LOL well we probably could but their $1.50 power zone is not going to pay my bail


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So here's a last minute follow up... How about a week later I get an email from Uber saying that my account my have been hacked ..( It was a ride ping.... They were trying to scam me) and in an effort to SAVE ME they have reset my password and Locked my VAULT as they called it... So I could no longer log onto Uber... Took 3 days for that to resolve, after 3 useless phn calls to support along with 7 never answered Emails... Randomly I was able to log back in and reset my password.

It's now been 6 days and while I can Log in and work... I cannot cash out still...2 more useless calls and 3 more ignored emails and I cannot get paid at all yet... I am hoping at the least the weekly payout goes thru on Monday...because phn support says wait for email answer... In total I have sent 10 completely ignored emails.. not even a simple "HEY WE ARE WORKING ON IT"


DO NOT CONTACT Uber support for anything unless maybe u get shot... And then think twice about it... All I did was inform them a rider needed to be banned for his actions and I am repaid by being locked out for a week.... Skrew Uber And UBER SUPPORT... Filipino Idiots...