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Potential New UberSUV Driver

Discussion in 'Licensed' started by Darkhawk, Feb 13, 2017.

  1. Darkhawk

    Darkhawk New Member

    Dallas, TX

    Newer member here started driving about a week ago and apparently this is very interesting timing. My wife and I were thinking of trading in our Traverse in for a Yukon XL prior to me driving which would qualify for UberSUV! Also a lot of folks I drive around so far tell me that I should look into black and suv since I already do things those guys normally do. Unless I'm picking up drunkards in the middle of the night and open doors and move my seats for the passengers, strangely enough I do it out of not wanting people to damage my own car!

    Now down to my real question, UberSUV is taking applicants in my area. Am I able to sit at the airport (pretty large airport) and filter to only Black/SUV? I've seen people here mention they can but I asked Uber and the following is their response: "No, you cannot filter to receive only higher tier requests as this will have a negative impact on your ratings and may lead to deactivation as it is a form of cherry picking."

    I don't want to be sitting at a Cowboys or Mavs game and go out to pick up SUV customers and end up getting a pair of drunk X clients wanting to go three miles down the road.

    Thanks for all your help!
  2. BusinessAsUsual

    BusinessAsUsual Member

    Northern NJ
    airport is tricky idk how it happens in dallas but some airports have a que system where u just get any ping given you.. but at events such as cowboys or mavs game just dont accept any X or pool rides and wait it out for an SUV or XL ride at a nice surge.. youll get the hang of it. good luck!
  3. Darkhawk

    Darkhawk New Member

    Dallas, TX
    Yeah I think I still may do it and start handing out business cards to the real black/suv clients. I dont believe there is an acceptance rate requirement so I guess I could just ignore the lower tier requests.
  4. SoCalRed

    SoCalRed New Member

    San Diego

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