Postcards From The Edge of a Forest Fire


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Tron reporting in from an undisclosed location. I remain evacuated from home base due to a smoke allergy. Found a relatively smoke-free hideout within the state. Bivouacked at a cheap motel. Ubering and Lyfting daily to pay travel expenses. The area has a reasonable amount of rideshare demand and is slightly underserved, enabling a reasonable gross of $1700 last week.

Was driving the day U/L threatened to shut down rideshare rather than obey the judge’s order to convert drivers to employees. What a mess, and what terrible timing. I’m sure this has been discussed ad infinitum, but the drama of that day is likely the best PR move U/L could have made to promote California’s proposition 22, which is slated for a November vote. Many passengers had been informed ride sharing was shutting down at midnight and were not happy. As with smartphones and Air B&B’s, many can’t live without Uber.

I am reluctantly suggesting to my pax to vote YES on prop 22. Damn it.

Because of the number of trips I’m taking the Uber pax stories are piling up. Learning to 1-star pax who cheat with their masks by slipping them down during the trip when they think I'm not looking. Love it that Lyft will not make a match in the future if you issue the pax 3 stars or less. Not sure about Uber.

So here is a postcard… One memorable trip was with Eva. She did not even get in the car, but I remember the ride. Upon arriving at the pickup she ran up to the car from a lively courtyard, a large and apologetic smile on her face. She was a goddess. Light in complexion and light on her feet. The kind of woman a man would lasso the moon for.

Turns out she had called a car for her two drunk male party guests. Figures. No goddess for Tron! Come back... next lifetime. But Eva had played it respectfully by first coming out to the car and asking permission for her two inebriated friends to be driven home. She spent a minute or two breaking down the situation, insisting that her men were not so far gone as to get sick on the trip. That assertion, plus Eva’s sincere effort to make everyone happy, was enough to gain my acquiescence. And although I was memorized by her magical gaze, I maintained enough presence of mind to reserve the right to refuse service once the two tipsy curmudgeons came in to view.

Eva, smiling and gushing thank you’s, turned and ran to fetch the soon to be passengers. At about 10 feet from the car I spoke the words “Eva the Diva” in a normal tone of voice. She heard the utterance, stopped momentarily, did a 180 twirl, smiled and curtseyed before continuing. I couldn’t help but smile.

The ogars appeared, struggled with their masks for a moment, and poured themselves into the car. Once seatbelts had been fastened we were off. It turned out that the men had standing in the community. Both Eva and one of the men had quietly tipped me off that I was driving the D.A for the city of _____ home. Not the assistant D.A., the D.A. The gentleman tipping me off to that fact had an interest in a couple of the most renowned restaurants in the locale I am servicing. None the less they both behaved like beligerant high school kids on the drive. Ha ha. At one point restaurant man offered me as much as $100 to allow him to remove his mask. I repeatedly declined, and both men let out an astonished gasp when they realized I could not be bought.

The two men were being dropped at differing destinations. They argued about who was going to give the driver a cash tip. In the end neither did. Eva had warned me in her backgrounder that “They’re a**holes”. Before ending the trip I broke character and texted Eva that her guests had been delivered safe and sound, and neither of them had tipped. When I later checked the ride history a $10 tip had been added.

Eva is a classy gal. I hope to run into her again.

Hmm. I suppose run into her is a poor choice of words in our profession. Lol.
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