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4.64, I just received an email today from Uber quality feed back reminding me "per the terms of the Transportation Provider Service Agreement" I could be deactivated. This rating fluctuates everyday, it's starting to wear on my nerves. I am a consumer also, and to expect riders to rate you a 5 every time is unreasonable, most could careless as long as you show up on time, get them to their destination safely and quickly. I am very polite to each rider, offer beverages, option to give me their shortest route or gps, choice of radio station. Uber is starting to get under my skin.


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I have a 4.85 521 Trips in San Diego

Lived there since 83'

Usually offer water 90% of time. (Sometimes I run out)

Always offer charging cords (3 options)

I play my own music, hip-hop (not rap), soul and reaggae, nothing else.

My basic attiude is I am the coolest MF you've ever ridden with.

I don't give 5 stars unless they tip and I encourage you to do the same. Lets take advantage of this rating game.

Yes, a lot of the shit I say rhymes and I speak in proverbs too.


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I have a 5.0 for my past 10 trips! Thing to consider is that one 3 star figured into that would give me a 4.8. A 1 star from an ass would bring me down to 4.63.
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