Post the longest trip you ever got .


Today I got trip to go south Carolina, lol I know ,when I started the trip the app navigation stop working ,in asked the girl where she going she said 5min down the street ,I show the app and she said she made a mistake .....but do you think we should drive with our passport,and would you take the trip lol


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Stoney Creek to London on a Tuesday at 1pm. Guy slept the whole way.... Zero traffic. Came back empty but $120 for 2.5hrs of an easy easy drive.

Perfect scenario.

Weere you able to pick up the hot western chicks in London? For some reason I I cant do pick ups there...


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North York to Stoney Creek. Took the 407 which was almost empty of cars. Easy Peasy.


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Trips over the border aren’t supposed to happen. I confirmed with intact your insurance isn’t valid if you cross border with pax. I would advice against it.

I would never personally take any uber pax across the border anyways, you know nothing about that person and you can possibly get screwed if so.