Post Sunday earnings


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$200 in 6 hours. Long trips...out to Hamilton, back from Burlington. A couple of airport trips.
How do u get these long trips or which area i can't find any ever.... Downtown is always shitty people trying to go two streets over

and rest i culd barely get any calls

i made liek 140 in 7 hours


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Tonight 1 trip...Oshawa to Orangeville. 83 minutes and 105.3km including several hwy 407 kms. Uber says $0 lol
I had the same issue too. I messaged Uber and they said that fares over $100 need authorization and that I should see it in next weeks pay.

Nick wild

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I did roughly 285 on Sunday. From 6 to 4am with an hour and 15 minute break at 9pm

Decent night I was heading to Guelph at the end of the night and used the destination feature from east markam and it brought me to the air port.



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You guys need to say what platform you're driving.
4.5 hrs, $190, 11trips,after ubers cut.
On uberx only.


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Yes, UberX. I got lucky with some long drives. Strange thing about airport runs...sometimes the address entered leads me to infield tunnel road instead of the terminal. While I obviously know how to get there I like to keep the GPS on. First time I thought it found me a shortcut and followed it. Fortunately the pax was understanding and was early for her flight. Yesterday I knew better and turned it off.
TIP: Always type in Term 1 or Term 3 into driver app before using gps to Pearson. Pax have complained to me about longer trips than necessary.
I always ask terminal and airline to get them closest to the right door.
Not doing so could potentially make the trip several kms longer(cost) and pax late for flight, unless you are trying to do that.:wink: