Post screenshots of your surge maps!

Do you think Uber shows surges differently to different people/apps/platforms?

  • Yes, definitely.

  • Yeah, probably.

  • I have no clue.

  • No, probably not.

  • No way Uber would deceive their most valuable asset (which of course are the drivers).

  • What's this "Uber" thing you keep mentioning?

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For some time now I have been trying to find a way to track surges. I realize that there are apps that do this, but quite often they produce spurious results. SurgeChaser was good for a while, but now it is showing me surges when & where there are none.

I considered making a node.JS app (which is the platform Uber uses themselves), but that seemed a lot of "legwork" for something that may not do anyone any good.

I settled on a super low-tech solution: every time I see a surge, I snap a screenshot. This gives me a timestamped record of the surge. It may not show the exact surge level, but it does give me a pretty good "heat map" of surge areas.

The reason I am now urging people to post their own screenshots is because there has been a lot of speculation that Uber is not showing everyone the same surges. This would explain why different apps report surges differently. For example, I had the same locations monitored by both Driver Companion & SurgeChaser, but (almost always) one would report a surge while another would not. In several cases, the surge map was clear on the Uber Partner app.

I will compile all of the screencaps that I have & post them. This will not really be that useful for the purpose of this post, but I hope it will encourage other people to share theirs.

Aside: my house flooded over the weekend, so it is (literally) being demolished as I type this (not completely, mostly the kitchen). What I'm getting at is that I may not post them all today, but I will ASAP.


They do not show different surges to different drivers or passengers.

All you have to do is go talk to a driver at the airport or anywhere else you happen to meet them and compare.

You have to remember that in other markets dozens (or up to a 100) of drivers sit and wait together in airport parking lots. Uber would get slaughtered if they did this.

BUT, you do have to remember that sometimes a passenger logs into the app and locks in the base rate just BEFORE the rate happens to surge - this is why you can be in a surge area and get a request that does not have a surge. But it works both ways, you can also get a pax request WITH a surge where it no longer exists.

AND, the surge does goes off for a short period of time when there are a number of passengers waiting in cue for the surge to drop. Uber wants to clear them out. This is really tricky, but it happens to us all. If you are in a surge area, on a busy night, and it has been consistent all might want to blow off those requests at the base rate and wait for the surge to pop back up.

Although, if you play this game too much, it will drive you crazy and Uber will lock you out of the app for a bit.


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I have a 99% acceptance rate. If I get a ping, I take it. The only reason I don't have a 100% acceptance rate is because of an error in the app. I could not accept the ping no matter how many times I tapped it.

It was a 5x during the last big snow. I was screaming at my phone, but it all turned out alright because a moment later I got an airport run at 4.8x. I could actually hear the "cha-ching" sound in my head.

I still wonder about whether or not all ants get the same surge map. As you say, they logically wouldn't do that. Then again, they logically wouldn't run something like the "Grayball" program either. Actually thats what got me thinking about it.

Its just that I see surges like this on a daily basis...

Then nothing for almost a week except this crap...

I believe that they are not "cooking" the maps on everyone individually, but we also know for a fact that they engage in such f*ckery. I'm a skeptic, that's all. Also, if someone were doing something trixy lke that, they would undoubtedly rely on people not "comparing notes" (as it were).


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Keep in mind that the internet reception plays another role too. Sometimes there's a delay with the current Surge, which is the most important one, if the reception is low.