Post screenshot of your boost today!


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I read an article in The NY Times yesterday with regard to Uber’s earnings, ubereats had a $2.5 billion market share and that part of Uber’s losses were attributed to past offers with high promotions to ubereats drivers in the past in an attempt to take as much market share as they possibly could from other platforms.

If Uber is indicating this as part of their losses, and they are reducing to no promotions, they will see the results of not properly compensating drivers, going from all to nothing at all reflected in their ipo. Keep everyone happy to draw investors or investors are going to short your ipo to a penny stock, guaranteed.

It’s a disgrace to drive 2 miles to a restaurant, pick up, deliver 1 mile away, and be compensated $4.40 cents, especially in the cold. Hope this turns around even slightly.


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More of this bull. You look at the app, great, 1.8X!
Then you look closer, where I live, 1.1x. 1 hour south 1.8x.
No way I'm driving 2 hours of dead miles.
Im getting sick of it too. The people that drive into their zones are stupid. 40 people driving there to split 5 orders amongst them over 3 hours.


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My area specifically is 1.2 5-9.
Quest, if there is one usually is announced around 3-4. I dont know why


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Just remember, the lower the boost the greater your earnings! Or something like that. (Uber logic.)
Actually, that may be true.
On days where the boost has been 1.5 - 1,8 it was only busy for an hour, if that.
On days where the boost has been 1.1 - 1.3 it has been crazy all evening.
Conclusions :
  1. More money is made by me when the boost is low
  2. Even more money is made by me when the boost is low and there is $2-$3 quest per delivery

Robert Larrison

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Check your local UberEats customer app, this is SF 1pm Holiday Monday.
Unfilled orders are the nightmare of these platforms.

Robert Larrison

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Both,apparently they have dropped boosts/quests in many areas has caused less peeps working.
I made the screenshot at 1pm and at 3pm they sent the amended boost and if guessing/hoping you'lls market does the same.unfilled orders means pissed off venders they are charging >30%+ and customers/investors that demand instant gratification
Its 4pm I'm just tightening the headset on my bike I'll hit the road shortly


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The boost really did make a difference at the end of day. Even at 1.3 for a couple of hours. I did see some areas of Houston had boost late Friday night. I do not drive after dark.


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Tonight's boosts. Didn't even cover the whole city. But did do 6 trips for an extra $6. Also $6 in cash tips

=$63.83, $29.41/hr under 1.1x or zero boost.

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