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Port of Miami Que


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So this AM around 9am, I had just dropped someone off in front of Bayside. I decided to try Seaport Que.
The que was around 46. As I am getting ready to turn right onto bridge I get a ping to pick up someone at Terminal E. Took them to South Beach and went back to port. I was Que was 29 when I got to lot. I got ping
when it was down to 14. Does the Que really matter there?


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on Lyft its been around for a while...even before MIA Que. Try updating S/W

Port is only good a few hours a week, but a lot better than MIA Que...I have been t0 MIA Que three times...always left before I got any calls (20-30 min).
and Only because I happened to be in the area. Today I went to Miami port and got 2 rides within minutes of being there, The first, as previously stated, before I even got there. You just have to figure out Cruise return schedules.
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