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poor rating

Discussion in 'Hampton Roads' started by th1971at, Sep 7, 2015.

  1. I got cut off yesterday because the rating is too low. In my statment it showed 4.75???
    Now i need to take a class. Does anybody know howe much that cost??
  2. XUberMike


    Sweet So Cal
    Maybe that was your income ($4.75) for the week or the weekly average for all drivers as 4.75 won't get you deactivated.
  3. An Uber driver needs to maintain a rating of 4.6 or above. If it falls below 4.6 they will review the next 25 rides. (You'll receive a notice in your email)
    The sad thing is you really don't get the feedback from riders or Uber to improve on ratings. If your rating does not improve after the 25 rides, then you'll
    be deactivated and won't be able to access the mobile app. Yeah...learning from personal experience. ;-/

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