Pool yet again


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I know the pool issue has been beaten to death on this site but saw something today that made me really angry. Perhaps, others here have noticed but I have seen ads now at bus stops advertising Uber Pool claiming rides as low as $2.25. Now if I'm not mistaken that's 25 cents less than a bus fare, and its no coincidence these ads are appearing at bus stops. As a driver I find this so egregious. I don't know about you but I am seeing an increasing number of pool requests and likely eating into X requests. I do my best to refuse pool requests but sometimes if you have been sitting without any pings for 15 minutes I am sometimes inclined to take them. I think this is exactly Uber's intention. What really annoys me is taking a pool request for a "solo" ride. I have then essentially transported him or her or them (couples requesting pool really bother me) for 70 cents on the dollar. This just simply isn't fair and there should be at the very least a concerted effort to get Uber to adjust these single ride poolers to uber x rates

pizza guy

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In the suburbs we really do compete with Pace. In my area only the train stations, sometimes COD, and maybe the courthouse could not be served better and cheaper to taxpayers by making the routes Uber pool.


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That's horrible. I won't take pool uh unless it's surging hard and won't take the 2nd ping unless it's the same surge or higher. It's just a waste of our time and energy.