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Pool rider ask to take package...


New Member
So I was driving a rider from 40 and collins towards coral gables and the another rider for a pool added. So this new person said that actually he is not riding, but he need do send a box.. My answer was "NO!" He tried to convince me to do so, but I said that "Uber does not provide a courier service and I was not instructed to accept a packages. He said that he has done it before, I said sorry and left.
My reasons not to take are obvious: I don't know what is inside. Drugs, bomb, something illegal? I don't know. Also I don't want to be responsible for loss, damaged or stolen item that is traveling by it self without a person.
So, do would you guys and gals take a package to deliver?


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Actually Uber just launched the UberRush service, I just got the email a few hours ago, but I have no intentions of signing up. It just sounds like lots of opportunties for issues and bad ratings and issues.

Tim In Cleveland

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I once picked up papers from a printer and took it to the passenger...last time I ever do that. It was totally not worth it. I should have immediately started the meter, but didn't. Even the $5 tip didn't help enough. No more. Yeah, package delivery sux. It could be illegal or they can be sending you somewhere with nowhere to park and into a time consuming drop off. It's very no-win.