Pool Job at Heatrow ? Never !


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I can honestly , and proudly , say I never accepted a Pool Job . For obvious reasons , if you think about it , businesswise, it makes no sense , just a way for Uber to charge 35 % !!!

But the problem I'm having is on Heatrow Airport Rank , a lot of pool requests ! I don't go often on the "3 hrs+ rank" but when I go they send me pool jobs or local jobs !

If you cancel/not accept a pool job you waited 3 hrs for nothing and you will have to wait 3 more hrs for another job !

So what I do : I send the pool PAX a text saying that I'm the Uber driver , I'm not currently on the Pool Platform , and that he has to cancel the pool job , wait 3-4 min , and then request another car from Uber.

Works every time ! ( same principle for local jobs , you are on the Heatrow rank you do Heatrow jobs !!! )

What do you do guys ? Do you do the local jobs ? or pool jobs ?


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I will do jobs into Heathrow but won't wait even 2 minutes for a non-pool job out of there which pays just under £30 into London W1 after uber cut.
Pool jobs are even worse so just drop pax at terminal and head along local roads back towards town and accept jobs that keep you earning