Pool 2 mins no more


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No worries set the stopwatch on your phone or the timer and at 2 minutes cancel No Show and collect the $4.


I got the pool cancel fee 9 hours ago at 1:06am

You're saying between then and now it's gone?
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I've never had a problem not getting my fee for a cancel. I wait the required amount of time and no show them. Bam! Free fee.


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I had a request yesterday and the timer was functional then. Sometimes it is and sometimes it isn't. It might be where the pickup is. In some suburbs, Uber cannot charge a no show or cancellation fee. City ordinances I guess. A lady at Walgreens corporate requested a pool, I arrived, the timer started, went to zero, I called and she said she would be right there. Waited another two minutes and canceled. She called twice as I was leaving the parking lot. I didn't answer either call. Won't even make a call the next time. Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn't Uber inform PAX that we have a max two minute wait time when the order pool?