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Poll: What other type of freelance work can I do instead of Uber?

Would you be willing to take pictures of vacant homes as freelance work instead of Uber?

  • Yes for a minimum of $4 per home

  • Yes for a minimum of $5 per home

  • Yes within 25 miles of my house

  • Yes within 50 miles of my house

  • Yes I would drive anywhere if the money was right

  • No

  • No, I dont want to get out of my car

  • No that freaks me out

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Oscar Levant

Well-Known Member
I've seen ads like this in Craigslist, and the clincher is usually that YOU have to find the vacant home. More often than not the money they will pay you is like $10, or some crappy amount, not enough to be worth it.

If they paid me $100 per vacant home, that would or might be worth it. I did this once in San Diego, and driving around for about 5 hours, I found two homes. So, it depends on what the pay is. $10, no. $100, maybe.

They are real estate flippers, and they know a percentage of vacant homes are worth a lot of money to them. One guy wanted to pay me $1000, but only if it turned into a deal, and a sale made, so I wouldn't get paid until closing. That's way too far in the future, so I declined the offer, after I spent a few hours looking for vacant homes.


New Member
Great feedback! Thank you! I will pass this on. Based on what he was telling me he is trying to make it a win for the drivers. I believe his platform will show you all the homes within a certain radius. So if there were 20 homes within 10 miles you could potentially make more than with Uber. I will let you know what he comes up with.

Atom guy

Well-Known Member
I actually had one of these companies request and Uber, but what they really wanted was for me to take photos of a vacant house, then drive around a bit to earn up to what they were offering. I did it, and basically got paid the Uber fare without really driving anyone. They wanted to convert that into doing just what you are saying, but I never followed up on it.


Well-Known Member
I notice that nobody posted the names of parties that will pay for photos of vacant houses. Are they all local individuals? How to tell a scam for a legitimate offer?


New Member
Great question. I think my friend is just mulling an idea. There is no offering yet, but there may be if he decides to start his buisness.


Well-Known Member
Here's another interesting question about this job. What if you happen to stand out as a total stranger in the neighborhood of a particular vacant house. The local residents object to a total stranger taking pictures and doing other suspicious things in their neighborhood. Looking for some entertainment, a group decides to confront you and not accept your explanation.