POLL - What kind of ride??


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Long time lurker first time poster here :smiles:

Curious if you drive for Fuber in SF, about what percentage of your custies are:
1. Express Poo (%)
2. Poo (%)
3. X (%)
4. Anything higher (%)

Vs for Lyft:
1. Shared (%)
2. Lyft (%)
3. Anything higher (%)

For the statistically challenged, the Uber percentages (1.+2.+3.+4.) should equal ~100%. Same goes for the Lyft percentages (1.+2.+3.)

I couldn't find this anywhere else in the forums :eek:


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Speaking only about Uber - 80% X, 19% assorted pool, 1% Select.
This has been discussed at length in the forum. For the 'forum challenged" rookies I suggest utilizing the 'search' function.


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It's hard to break out express pools from regular pools. But I was tracking this a few months back. I was getting 65% X's and 35% pools.