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POLL: Dr. Anjali Ramkissoon will make it big?

Discussion in 'Complaints' started by LA Cabbie, Jan 28, 2016.

  1. Yes, she will be a star and achieve far more money and glory than as a doctor.

  2. No, but she still will be better off than any uber driver out there.

  1. Haha. I used to (and sometimes ) work at a refrigerated warehouse that was mainly all men and from the bottom of the bottom. That's where I learned the word peon from. Anyhow, every now and then we get a "hot" woman and all the regulars would go crazy over her. Some of the guys who just happen to be doing this gig for a day or two would say, "Where are you seeing from? She's repulsive." We'd reply with, "By Armellini standard, she's HOT!"

    It's all about relativity my friend. To you she might be a tart, but by cab standards, she's our Megan Fox.
  2. Body Politic

    Body Politic

    Cry me a river.

    If this woman were, say, 20 years old and had an episode like this, it might be more forgivable -- not excusable, but forgivable -- because most people understand that most 20-year-olds still have a lot of growing up to do. The fact that she still behaves like this at 30 is problematic. I've never known anyone who suddenly started behaving like this at 30. If they're like that at 30, they've almost certainly been "that person" all of their adult lives. So I'd bet this wasn't her first epic tirade; it was just the first one that got caught on camera for the world's entertainment.

    And I hate when people have drunken outbursts and then claim afterwards, like this broad and the Taco Bell Twerp have, that "that's not me." Yes, it IS you. The "real you" is the one who had that first drink. The "real you" had the next drink, and the next, and the next. When you intentionally intoxicate yourself, you intend all of your behavior while intoxicated. The intoxicated you IS the real you. If you know you'll behave like that while intoxicated and you still get intoxicated, the problem isn't the "drunk" you -- the problem is the drunk "you" and the real "you" are one in the same. Take ownership not just of what you did, but who you are. When you try to dissociate the "drunk" you from the "real" you, you're not taking full responsibility for who you are.

    If she were a store clerk or a roofer or a furniture builder, I'd agree that this video shouldn't mean the potential end of her career. But she's none of those things. She chose a profession that requires the public's utmost trust in their judgment, character, and empathy to make life-altering decisions for them. It's plainly obvious she lacks these traits in sufficient quantity to hold the position of high trust that she seeks. And if you haven't developed these traits by 30, potential employers have every right to suspect you might never do so and make their hiring decision accordingly. So if this woman never practices medicine again, I for one won't lose sleep over it. The profession suffers with people like her in it.
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2016
  3. I am so glad that my drunken drug infused days were pre-cell phone cameras.
  4. Totally agree with body politic. The cold hard truth about you comes out when you are in the following states:

    1) angry
    2) joking
    3) drunk

    This lady has shown her true character. She is not worthy of practicing medicine. She will make a great entertainer though.

    This is why I made this poll and voted she will make it big.

    I can see her as the next dark skinned version of Megan Kelly.

    Any of the mainstream media that hire this filth as a host, I want a finders fee.
  5. Body Politic

    Body Politic

    Heh. If anyone deserves a finder's fee, it's the poor mope who put up with her tirade without caving her roof in when he had every legal and practical right to do so.
  6. Idunno


    Who cares if she makes it big. I'm eagerly awaiting her porn debut.
  7. TwoFiddyMile


    You and i are in the minority, however.
    Modern society seems to love dragging people theough the mud.
    I blame reality TV, which has been dragging people through the mud for decades.
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  8. Vanstaal


    She will be starring in an adult movie soon called Uberxxx
  9. UberXTampa


    Mar my words: she is well connected. She will get a good chance at some point.
    I have seen people with lack of skills and character managing to get jobs with connections and corporate nepotism disguised by certain people as diversity.
  10. Body Politic

    Body Politic

    I swear some of you rutting animals will fap to anything. :confused:
  11. Idunno


    No need to bring Uber into it man
  12. Fuzzyelvis


    I'm a woman so I thought maybe I was missing something, but you pretty much said what I was thinking.
  13. Fuzzyelvis


    Note she did her undergrad where her mom works. And med school in grenada, meaning she couldn't get in anywhere in the US and paid full price to go somewhere that will take you so long as you can pay.

    Daddy of course is a doctor.

    Those saying "we all" should be glad we weren't ever taped doing some of the stupid things we did when we were younger should realise there are many of us who NEVER acted ANYTHING CLOSE to this in our lives. And she is 30, not 16.

    She exemplifies everything that is wrong with this country as it relates to the schism between how the well off entitled people are allowed to behave the 99.9% of the time it is NOT recorded, and the poor, who would not be able to talk or pay their way out of such behavior.

    She has struck a nerve with everyone who is sick of entitled brats who almost always get away with bad behavior because of money and connections.

    I have had quite a few of these folks in my car, OR trying to GET in my car and telling me I HAD to take them, although as in this instance I was NOT their driver. I have been told on numerous occasions that I HAD to do what they told me to do.

    It's the general "Let them eat cake" attitude so prevalent these days amongst the young advantaged especially and those serving them are sick of it. Also, those who have the same advantages but realise how lucky they are, and DON'T behave like that are embarrassed that they might be lumped in with her.
  14. POST # 24/LA CabbieLA Cabbie: First....its Megan
    Fox. Next...
    its Megan Kelly. Pick a Megan
    A N D.....G O......W I T H........I T !
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2016
  15. POST # 33/FuzzyelvisFuzzyelvis: The "Fuzzy Lioness"
    R O A R S ! Although
    I M A Y have missed others....I believe this
    to be Your Finest Rant, oh # 2 Notable !

    Tsk, tsk ....Your Bad Boy
    isn't here to cheer You on.

    Perhaps # 4 Notable, The Lion of the Southern
    Hemishere, Sydney UberSydney Uber will come out of
    Semi-Retirement to provide some Ozzie Wisdom!
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2016
  16. SafeT


    She claimed he was just a truck driver in one of her interviews. lol
  17. 14gIV


    lol omg she's gotta HUGE beak lol :D
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  18. D Town

    D Town

    His name is Igor Belic.
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  19. Aztek98


  20. Dr. Anjali will do much better than most of us here on UP, that's almost a certainty.
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