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Police Directing Parking Traffic

Surgeless in Seattle

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Maybe I'm just self entitled or ??? but SPD directing traffic out of the parking garages pisses me off. I'm ready to figure out where to go to protest.

Going E-W downtown the police - seem to me - stop traffic as soon as an entitled parking garage driver noses to the sidewalk. This absolutely mucks up traffic. If you hit ferry traffic on Spring you're sitting 3-4 light cycles per intersection.

Why aren't these drivers in the parking garages held up? Why do they get priority when a driver already on the street!!! has to spend 20 min getting up the hill?

I know as I type this how petty it seems. Perhaps someone with more tact than myself can find words to better justify my perceived entitlement here!

It just seems to me these drivers are just getting in their cars and have the red carpet rolled out. They didn't have to fight their way up Spring Street. Yeah, they have to pay parking... So did I on Madison (at my apt - not work)... But I certainly didn't expect a cop to stop earth, pedestrians and all traffic just so I could pull out!

Seems to me if these drivers had to truly wait their turn on top of paying for parking ... Maybe commuting with their car might not seem such a good option?

I dunno... I got in a pissing match about it with one of Seattle's finest last week. (My daughter wanted to melt into the seat.). They must be used to us butching because he wasn't phased I was screaming at him. (All those pent up Uber frustrations come out when I'm just a regular driver!!)


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lol I would love to have seen your daughters face. It's the parents job to embarrass the kids! As for why they need to direct...I think it's b/c people are such aholes in this city that nobody would ever let them merge if a cop didn't force them to.

In my experience, if you @@@@ up and need to get into a lane that leads to the freeway during rush hour, nobody will ever let you in...ever.


I haven't seen the parking garage thing yet but seattle drivers are horrible when it comes to sharing space. Doesn't bother me I just pull over and either they can let me in or get hit. Guess I've spent to much time driving in the Middle East. I can be very aggressive in my driving habits and sometimes a little less fearless than need be. But I get around. Maybe it also helps that i drive a van and can just push the little cars out of the way!


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I know that some of the tech companies hire off-duty police to do this. I'll see if I can find an article about the backlash against Amazon for this.


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oh I dislike them. They bottle neck the roads to allow 10 cars out and are the reason traffic gets so bad down there. All the while your passenger is looking at you like why can't you get us out of here. I avoid this area now... I stick more towards the outsides of downtown, like south of lake union, and north of Mercer. That way I'm sure to get around town.

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