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What up Uber peeps! For the podcast listeners you all know there are thousands to choose from so it’s hard to find the ones worth getting. Maybe we can share some of our favourites to make it easier to pick which ones to subscribe to. I have about 15 in my library but some of my favourites and ones I would recommend are:

On Being with Krista Tippett (Category: Society & Culture)
  • great conversations. Interesting topics.

The World Next Week
(Category: News & Politics)
  • world events from the point of view of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Buddha at the Gas Pump
(Category: Spirituality)
  • perfect for people curious about spiritual enlightenment. *(My personal favourite)

Planet Money (NPR)
(Category: Business)
  • short concise episodes, usually under 30 minutes.

You Are Not So Smart
(Category: Social Sciences)
  • a variety of psychological topics. Always humorous and fun.

I know it’s hard to pay attention to your favourite show while a pax is in the car but it would be ok while waiting in-between pings on slow days. For myself I have another job that requires long drives on my own so I always have my favourite podcasts playing then. Good music is fine but free edutainment is better, am I right? :wink:

What are some podcasts you all could recommend?