Pls share some insight about French interview


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Hello All,
I'm planning to buy a 2017 corolla to use for Uber, and also for my weekend run around and get way car. We relocated from the US and I'm still searching for a job after 6 months but I'll start study next yr. I recently started my French class because of availability and I'd like to know what kind of French interview should one expect.. Some words like , Turn right/Turn left/ Stop there OR should i be able to hold a conversation (which i think its not advisable with ur client)

I know some French language because i took some classes at School, (Beginner level)

Pls advise in every aspect you could: What to expect; profitable or NOT; safety

Thanks All :smiles:

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I am in the same situation .I think it is good thing to have a basic french skills before hitting the road .The french speaking riders will give you 1 star and you will be suspended permanently sooner or later. You don't have to be super .You should be able to get instructions from the rider . I think you can study hard for 50-75 hours and focus on taxi and directions topics and you should be fine.

There is a french test in the office. I failed then passed after about 50-70 hours of studying. Listening skills is most challenging one. you should be able to cover all driving and direction situations.

You need to have A1 level (Very basic)
I used Duolingo app. It is free and very effective 30 hours should take you to somewhere between A1 and A2 level.

To boost listening skills use this book :
CLE Grammaire en dialogues (grand débutant) you can find in public bibliotheques

you will need about 30 hours to complete this level .
Then use you tube french lesson and focus on taxi and directions etc
Youtube: Ma France 02 - Directions

They will ask you 3 question and should translate 2 of them to pass. Then ask you to say something in French 2 of 3 to pass. The more important with the rider most of riders speak English but if a rider complaint about communication skills the drama will start.

just basic words such as greetings and instructions. left ,right, middle lane stop here and so on. This was extremely helpful to learn these basic words when i had to take a french speaking rider. The trip went smoothly .

Absolutely learning basic French is essential for any one live in Quebec and was in my list. Uber just triggered it .

^^^^^^^^^^^These quotes are from some other topics on these Montréal boards about the French test. There are some topics on it. Read through these Montréal Boards.

I would expect that you would need to know more than à la drette, à la gauche, arrête icitte. When I lived in Montréal, there was no such thing as Uber. I did not have any problem with French as I had a Belgian mathematics teacher when I was in high school and an Acadienne nanny when I was a child. As one poster that I quoted put it, he would not live anywhere in Québec unless he learned to speak French. I found it more useful than English when I lived in Montréal.


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Thanks all for your response!

WAly Im currently taking French classes at Dawson, college and we are suing same book that you advised, plus I have Dualingo and I'm using all those told to brush up my French, I just started Ma France - Direction, Which i find very good too..

But, Will they allow to do the interview before buying the car New 2017 corolla?