Plattsburgh to Albany


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If you want to go to Albany, you should sign up Grubhub. When Saratoga race starts, I strongly recommend to come everyday. You will make very good money.


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Greetings. I am reading this thread with interest. I live in Catskill. I drove in Hudson last summer with some good results.
I have been driving in Albany lately on the weekends, sometimes good, sometimes not. With colleges out seems a lot less active. And where is surge? All gone? Could some folks give me some info about surge please? I see an area lit up and start driving there and in a flash it's gone. How does one work with surge?
Would you recommend driving in Satatoga now on the week ends, or weekdays before the races open?


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i'm not gonna lie man, i've been tracking ithaca and that shit is surge city it looked like

thats a decent day considering you weren't here for the morning commutes. downtown is a good spot after like 1:30 to evening. wolf road area is alright but downtown would net you better overall.
Im not gonna lie either...I took a trip to Ithaca in the fall....made $90 in 4 hours and Yes, it surges a lot because there arent enough drivers but you also have to know the area too. It is literally a bunch of short hop rides from Cornell or Ithaca College to downtown...and back. I quit after 4 hours because I could smell my brakes...the wear and tear from the hills is brutal and the kids are horrible.

Yes, you can make money there but the abuse (and hours plus miles to and from) just wasnt worth it IMO.