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what do you mean hourly?

i don't mind going out to drive after 7pm, to 3am, at 2.0 the whole night. going to make at least $200-250 in fares! last night I hit $165 in fares after 4.5 hours.

Brandon Nagbe

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2 grand is nice... where do you normally work? I have had $300+ nights in Virginia but not consistent
Its never going to be 300 every day unless you do 12 or 10 hours a day or 15. Uber its to random, pax take their time to come out and go one block. If your making 1000k a week thats great because most markets dont even pay a dollar a mile. Dont think you can come up on 2.5, 2.7, 3x the normal rate! Its great but they mostly go two miles if that when the surge is that high. Everything about this job is random. I bought a blow up bed for the car custom just to sleep in the car. Im trying to wake up do uber, sleep n eat and more uber in my car. Im trying for 2k this next week. It would be easy if every one went ten miles or more. 8k month of August. Than im buying a truck