Planning to start part time uber driver with minivan - Tips & fees information


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I am planning on joining Uber with my minivan soon in DALLAS TX and not aware on fee and how much uber charge

Can somebody help me understand with an example?

Ex: If I take a trip with UberXL that costs customer total of $45 for 9 miles. How much does Uber takes from this and how much does uber leaves with me in my hand?

Appreciate your response, that makes me decide on my next steps.


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With the example you gave (9 miles); and estimating that distance taking 20 minutes to drive after pickup, the gross fare would be $19.65; nowhere near $45.

Here's the net fare breakdown for UberXL

- 1.00 (Safe ride fee)
- 5.22 (28% commission to Uber from $18.65)
$13.43 (Gross earnings)


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1) Is there any fee I need to pay to enter into Uber driving?
2) Is there a minimum hours that I need to work once I signup with Uber? i.e. If I decide NO to drive for a month in between, is that ok with Uber?
3) I have a minivan, so my ride(s) is always billed for UberXL or flexible to go down to UberX or UbserSUV?
4) How does Uber Pay? is it one time monthly ?what is the pay frequency?

thanks a lot for replies.


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1) No
2) No
3) XL and X Make sure Uber knows that's what you want to do
4) I think it's every Thursday. Auto deposit


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2) is actually yes. It's in the Uber/Driver contract that you will do at least one trip a month. If you get deactivated, just simply asking to be reactivated when you want to start driving again only take 48 hours, and you are active again.


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I went better part of three months and never got deactivated for not driving. Maybe different in other markets, I guess.


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In exchange for your access to and use of the Software and Service, including the right to receive the Requests, you agree to pay to the Company a fee for each Request accepted, in the amount of 20% for uberX, 28% for uberXL, and 25% for uberSELECT of the total fare minus the $1 Safe Rides Fee, calculated pursuant to the rate schedule below.
I don't thing the commission schedule has changed.
You mean it hasn't changed yet in Dallas, right?

Apparently, in other cities around the country new drivers are coming on at 25% commission as of a few days ago, but existing drivers are staying at 20%.