Pings while moving



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i can no longer accept pings from Uber while car is in motion, keep touching my iPad screen,but it does not work,finally it expires.only when car is at 5 mph speed,very annoying.what is going on? Does anybody else encounter this?


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To get around this you have told hold your Uber device outside the vehicle while your driving. Then it would be like your outside and it's windy and you will be able to accept ping .
This is fantastic 50,000 ants driving around with there left hand in the air. The tourists will be impressed how friendly Uber's are, waving at each other,


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Lmao ok funny very funny Dumdum pool. On a serious note it looks like they brought back that safety feature that they had last year of having to pull over accept ride and start navigation before the car is back in motion. Another dumb bright idea of the apps. Is this why cars are driving so [email protected]$#*!$ SLOW 25 mph is already slow why are you doing 9mph is aggravating!!!


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They sent an update last night to iOS users and mine worked fine last night. Haven't tried again today but they blamed it on the new Do not disturb feature coming out soon for iOS 11..I am using iOS 11 beta btw.
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