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Pick up at Ports

I'm not an Uber driver, my husband is though (I'm his "Secretary" lol).
Anyways, last week he had a call requested from the Port. He has a port pass but the port wouldn't let him on because he was driving for Uber. Lyft and other taxi are allowed on the port but not Uber? What is up with that and how can he solve that problem? He lost a good run because of this.


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I took one request on Blout Island. They met me at the gate, so I didn't have to go in and didn't experience that problem.

However, I doubt I would ever accept another port call. Unless you just happen to be cruising by on Heckscher it's going to be a drive to the pickup and then they end up going somewhere with a long drive back to have any hope of getting the next ping. Can't see the port as ever being profitable business.
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The lady offered to meet him at the gate, she was fine with that but idk what it was but they told her that they can't allow her to walk to the gate to meet him and if she did, he will be fined.


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If you husband had a city medallion, and commercial insurance, he would be able to pick up at any port. See the Jax thread, "costs of going legal", etc.
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