Phone Sound Problems


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In the past few weeks I've been experiencing MORE sound issues from the Uber app. It's always been screwy from time to time, but only when I have the app on, that seems to be worse. Now, the sound on my phone, iPhone 6, is screwy even when the app isn't on. I've had Verizon run diagnostics and both the Uber and Lyft apps malfunction or are bad (I can't remember the word they used). So annoying and frustrating, ugh! Anyone else having this issue or have ideas on how to fix it?

Also, been noticing that even though I have that the app can use my location only when on that its is staying on in the background unless I force close it. Anyone else experience this?

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I reboot my Android in between every trip if I get the chance.

The app does run in the background. Look up Uber God mode.