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The best you can hope for is a CSR or Uber manager giving you their mobile number - but chances are slim they will do that these days. They did when I first started, but that was many moons ago.

Most of the senior managers at Uber however can be reached at your local kindergarten - please don't try contacting them between 1 & 3 pm though because it's their nap time and they get cranky if woken up.


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  1. 64 Gwynne St, Cremorne VIC 3121
    Just go my friend u will be surprised how cool the plc is there is a carpark next door free cookie if u r obidient


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2* if I got picked up in this car. I don't like hatchback sedans and the colour is not nice. Buy a nicer car than this if you want a quality rating.
i wish this TESLA was my car (hahah)...lets see maybe the uber down under is nice and will supply us the partners with this monster of a car...


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Checked thru the net recently and seems I could not get any contact information including local partners address or e-mails. All I saw was a twitter account. Any one know any of these details?