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Phone Charger Not Keeping Up?

Discussion in 'Technology' started by Karen Stein, Nov 9, 2016.

  1. KarmaKool

    KarmaKool New Member

    Atlanta Ga
    I find my new LG will die w/I a couple hrs. I have a couple extra batteries that I charge when not working. I also take my plug in and stop at fast food places that have a plug in ....sometime I take a break and turn it off to recharge....I am going to get a tablet so I will have 2 devices....
  2. MikesUber

    MikesUber Well-Known Member

    Pittsburgh, PA
    If you want to replace the charging hub first try this one:

    http://amzn.to/2hMJMqV - $12.99 (was $39.99) 4 Ports USB Car Charger, iXCC

    Four USB 2.4a ports for maximum charge speeds, compatible with all USB charging devices (phones, tablets, headphones etc)

    a1.jpg a2.jpg a3.jpg

    If you want to replace the cord first here is an Apple Certified Lightning Cord:

    http://amzn.to/2iF0cGh - $5.99
  3. UberwithDan

    UberwithDan Well-Known Member

    this iXCC model is my cfavorite so far, its been great will charge 3 devices at the same time no problem. ( havent reied mreo than 3 ;)
  4. uberprotips

    uberprotips New Member

    Los Angeles
    I have one cigarette lighter. My cigarette lighter does not work (and the insert are where I can change a broken fuse is damaged).

    Do you recommend any particular battery pack that isn't bulky that has lots of charge?

    What else can I use to keep my phone and passengers phone charging? Again, what is the best external portable battery pack do you recommend?

    Thank for any advice. - SD
  5. mikes424

    mikes424 Well-Known Member

    I don't think there a specific charger for your needs.

    What I suggest is to look at the lithium battery jump chargers for a car. They are rechargeable . They run about $40-50 on ebay or Amazon. I don't know how long it will power your phone but it will last a lot longer than the back up batteries normally avsilable. Specs will tell you storage capacity.

  6. wk1102

    wk1102 Well-Known Member

    treasure coast fl
    My wife bought one from Amazon I wish I had a link, It charged my phone and her phone from 0 to full and still had 3 put of 4 bars... it's abput the size of a box of 100s ciggarettes.. it was about 20 bucks.

    That said, for less $ you can buy an external ciggarette lighter / accessory port and just wire it directly to your fuse box.

    Take a fuse out, one for an accessory. Strip the wire a half inch or so, fold it over the tab on the fuse and push the fuse back in. Then find a ground for the other wire. A few it under the dash or use double stick tape.

    You probably even have a slot in the fuse panel marked spare.. look in owners guide if so, try that one first


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  7. Retired Senior

    Retired Senior Well-Known Member

    Connecticut.... lately the "Gold Coast"
    I agree with Mike. I had a bad car alternator that I could not afford to replace, so I bought the Duracell 900 Amp Car Battery Recharger as a work-around. My car manual said that I needed approx. 600 - 700 amps to jump start my car, so I went a bit higher...

    Be warned,,,, these things can be pretty heavy. I find it irritating to carry a 16 + pound battery charger down a flight of stairs to my car at 5 AM. Ultimately I did have a new alternator put in but I do like the added sense of security that the Duracell device provides.

    $76.49 + Free Shipping

    Product Features




    Jump-starts V8 engines up to 27 times on a single charge
    Jump-starts your car, truck and much more. Safely and easily starts all types of 12V lead-acid batteries, including trucks, cars, hybrid starter batteries, boats, motorcycles and personal watercraft.

    Inflates tires to 160PSI
    Integrated air compressor efficiently inflates tires, sporting equipment and more, right from the stand-alone Jump-Starter unit. This completely portable inflator does not need to be plugged in.

    2.1 Amp USB port quickly charges smartphones up to 11 times
    Just plug your smartphone or tablet into the jump-starter's USB port for fast, full portable charging. Ideal for camping or remote locations! Jump-starter also includes one 12V auxiliary output port for additional charging options.

    Ultra bright LED emergency light
    Built-in flashlight provides bright illumination for easy jump-starting hookup and tire inflation on dark roadsides; can also be used to signal passing motorists or summon assistance
  8. Retired Senior

    Retired Senior Well-Known Member

    Connecticut.... lately the "Gold Coast"
    yeah... I realize that the Duracell device is OVERKILL for your specific problem... still, having it in the front seat of my car is like having a guardian angel riding with me! And since it is my policy that NO ONE rides in the front passenger seat it is all good.
  9. LAbDog65

    LAbDog65 Active Member

    Piedmont-triad, NC
    I use an iPhone and have found running lyft,Uber,waze and a mileage tracking app will run my battery to about 43% in a few hours. Plugging in with USB will keep up but barely. I wish iPhone had a removeable battery.
  10. artemis

    artemis Member

    I found this item that basically has an electrical socket in it that plugs into your lighter (it has a second lighter outlet too. I use that to plug in my large apple plug so that my phone charges faster.

    Always force quit apps and clear the ram before going out.
  11. Fargle

    Fargle Active Member

    Don't charge with your car's USB jack. It can't deliver enough amps to charge your phone while you use it. Use a cigarette lighter adapter and make sure it delivers 2.1 amps or so.
  12. Robert finnly

    Robert finnly Active Member

    Daytime sun out hot day is gonna drain the battery no matter what charger you use. Best bet is to keep it out of the heat in your car somewhere if possible during ling trips
  13. Ezridax

    Ezridax Member

    I love Anker. Best cables I have ever found.

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