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PHL UberX - how often are you tipped?

Discussion in 'Philadelphia' started by krystinacore, Sep 12, 2015.

  1. krystinacore

    krystinacore New Member

    west philly
    Long time lurker, first time poster. Today I was tipped $4 on a 2x surge/7 minute trip by a very nice, first-time Uber passenger. I realized that I have done 247 rides and have been tipped THREE times. I usually start my night in University City since its closest to my house, and I really don't expect the UberXLs full of frat dudes to tip, but what about everyone else?? Do you UberXL drivers get tipped on the regular? The rare occasions that I drive for Lyft, I'm getting tips via the app 1/5 times!
  2. Cathi

    Cathi Active Member

    Penn Valley
    I usually get about 1 tip each shift and that can range from $1-5. I didn't one get a $20 on a $12 ride but that is definitely an exception.
  3. Limovan

    Limovan Active Member

    I do xl on the weekends sometimes. Got two tips in my five month career lol..
  4. Nitedriver

    Nitedriver Well-Known Member

    tipping is a big issue with Uber, should be implemented , if they can tip cabbies (who only take cash) they should be able to do the same w Uber..
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  5. MiddleClassedOut

    MiddleClassedOut Well-Known Member

    The only reason he tipped was he was a first-timer :) Then they get email messages saying "tipping is not required"...

    So most of my income now comes from Lyft...I'm curious why you don't do Lyft more. I find that with the bonuses and tips (depending on the day, it's 30%-50%, really random) I make $4-5/hr more on Lyft than Uber...But I always switch to Uber on 1.5 surges or higher, as Lyft has really small surge areas and the services are usually (but not always) surging at the same time.
  6. Chris M

    Chris M Member

    West Chester PA
    As you said, the ******bag frat boys NEVER tip even when i take 5 people instead of 4. The only time i get a tip is if i stop at WAWA for someone or the person is older than 30.
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  7. Imsophilly

    Imsophilly Member


    Not often enough. Very sporadic @ best and like some of the others stated already, Uber should change this!

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