"Phantom" cars on the passenger map


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Whenever I go to a new location to sit and wait for pings, I always check the passenger app to see where the other drivers are - the idea being to pick a spot that is well away from anyone else, to increase my chances of getting pinged.

Anyway, the other night I pulled into a shopping center parking lot late at night and turned on the passenger app to see if anyone was around. It showed a car on a nearby road approaching the shopping center, so I waited a little while and watched as the car turned into the shopping center parking lot, drove near one side, turned, and stopped in front of a store. I decided to look and see if I could spot the car. There was a car there, but I was pretty sure they had been there for awhile. The car in the app then moved away from the store, circled the other end of the parking lot, and went out one of the entrances. All the while I was looking around to see if I could spot the "phantom" car, thinking maybe there was a time delay for some reason on the app. No cars were moving anywhere in the lot. The car at the store left well after the car in the app and moved off on a different route.

Has anyone else seen such a phenomena in the app? Was I seeing some sort of long term time delayed replay of what had been happening several minutes ago, before I turned the app on?


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Was sitting at home waiting for a ping. Watched an ant on my phone cruising the surrounding streets of my house for a long while. Finally saw it begin to turn down my tiny remote street.Other than a Lowe's delivery truck that went by a few minutes later there were no other vehicles .

Was parked in a Sears parking lot on a Sunday morning 7:00 am. Absolutely deserted other than me. Switched back to the Pax app which showed both my car plus another ant close to me. Absolutely no other car in that deserted parking lot other than myself.

My theory Uber wanted me to move somewhere else more favorable to them.
Far from the first time these instances have occurred.