Pgd Punta Gorda drivers that live in the area


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I'm in Fort Myers I'm looking to connect to someone who lives and does Uber or Lyft in Punta Gorda Port Charlotte


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That Punta Gorda airport is awesome, I heard the Miami gang is on the way though.
A couple of months ago I got a ride in that area from Fort Myers airport, so I decided to give the airport a try. They're only about six cars ahead of me so I figured this will be nice and quick. Nope, I sat there for almost an hour and only three cars moved ahead of me. What a waste of time that was


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The cops around that airport do a pretty good job of running folks out if they are up to no good. The "Miami Gang" won't last long in Punta Gorda.


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PGD works nice at night. It is a small airport, a few months ago there was no queue so you could get a trip from the airport getting the request in downtown Punta Gorda or in the vicinity. During the day local friends and family pick the people so even if it says 1-5 it may mean hours.