PGA tour


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There should be money to be had. I believe when they were in Edison for the Barclays last year there was some good surge. This is a bigger event and I would think that there should be money to be had. Looks like Uber has made a deal with the PGA and they are the exclusive pick up and drop off partner of the event, but the pick ups and drop offs have to be in a special lot. See the link and scroll down to the Uber area for more information.

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You shall find out! Uber will screw it up:

1) Send email to drivers within 150 miles telling them how much they will make!!!
2) Make arrangements for special lot (that is difficult to get into and out of)
3) Don't tell pax about special lot
4) Send reminders to drivers getting them all excited about making money there
5) wait for out of town drivers to flood in, sit back and watch you get 1 call an hour if you are lucky and only be able to do 1-2 trips after the event at surge, especially for people who parked a mile or two away and have you take them to your car.

Thanks for being a valued partner and Uber On!