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Just need to share this with you guys.

Chasing the Lyft $3 bonus for pickup more than 10 minutes away, accepted ping for 11 minutes.

I arrived at pickup location, which was a medical office park, these are always 'interesting' as to what type of pax you are picking up.

Anyways after waiting a couple of minutes I then called the rider, he answered and said he could see me and was behind me, by behind me he was 20 yards away and sitting on the kerb (curb?), OK I thought so i moved over to where he was and OMG.

Sitting there on the kerb - he must have weighed more than 600 lbs, he was grossly obese and there was grosser to come.
I know that it must be difficult for him to find clothes that fit, and he was wearing training pants (is only way I can describe them).

To stand up he needed to get onto 'all fours' and then proceed to stand. However during this process he displayed the pants seam was split from front to back and was not wearing any underwear - just to say that there are some things you cannot un-see and my mind is scarred for life on seeing that.

He made his way over to my car (I was contemplating cancelling at this stage) and I was thinking - damn he is not not going to fit. He opted for the back door (there was no way he would fit in the front) and oozed himself into the back. His width covered about 3/4 of the back seat.

The ride started and then came the smell - damn, I have picked up some smelly pax before, but this was just slow and stealthy and eventually became overwhelming that I had to open the windows. My mind was thinking about the split pants with no underwear and trying not to think about the folds of fat and worse that are now in contact with my back seat. Checking the GPS seeing 6 minutes more to destination thinking that it could not come soon enough.

We reached the destination after what felt like about an hour, and I closed the trip. I rated 3 stars so would not be matched again with him.

He was quite chatty and intelligent in his conversation, but I do not want this experience again. I needed to go to the closest parking lot and I cleaned my backseats with window cleaner (was all I had) (for leather seats) and then a good amount of Fabreeze to try and clear the odour.

Just to underline that this guy was easily 600 lbs and would probably be quite pleased if I had estimated his weight at that. I am not exaggerating.

Probably used the $3 bonus in the amount of Fabreeze I used.


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You can at least take solace in the fact you did the poor guy a good service. I sure hope that Altima has a good suspension system though... Let us know if you hear any new creeks and/or groans the next time you hop in. Incredible to think this one fat guy is essentially like overloading your car with 5+ if you think about it.



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As soon as I saw the split pants I would have denied. I am a nice guy, but I draw the line at fat sacks, ass cracks. and nut sacks rubbing up on my under armor.


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If you have a seat belt law in your state, which most states do, you could have refused the ride based on the fact he could not buckle and it was illegal to drive him in that case. IDK just a thought.


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Or in the other hand you could be proud of him that ever since he’s been visiting the clinic where you picked him up he’s managed to lose 200 pounds so far and is well on his way to returning to a normal weight, where every day activities aren’t fraught with embarrassment, hopefully followed by a normal life where he’ll be just as nice to people in tragic circumstances as you were to him.

Or we could just ridicule everyone because that’s how you make yourself feel cool on the internet.