person hit by CTA Red Line train at Division at 4:30p.


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Mr. Jenkins, good looking out. Much obligated. Thank you. When you get a chance, might you spit some more science down on improving market conditions for ants. Yeah lyft rental impossible, Uber gone. Teachers, err, teaching! Something else come to mind?

leroy jenkins

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Something else come to mind?

I don't drive anymore and it sounds like the Red Line halt didn't cause a surge. and I never went to the Pits. but if you notice all the really nice cars and/or the super banged up cars disappearing at the Pits, then something's up

My money is still on people quitting after getting whacked with a $2000 bill to fix their car or people who stretched their budget to buy a nicer car while thinking that Ubering would bring in the extra $200 per month to make the payments.

And someone made a point about students going back to school. Most students probably don't care about depreciation or use their parents car.