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Permanent Deactivation on LYFT...

Discussion in 'Lyft' started by Don Wren, Oct 12, 2017 at 11:57 AM.

  1. Don Wren

    Don Wren New Member

    Hello -

    I have been driving with Lyft for 3 years now, and have never been deactivated prior, but just 3 days ago they informed me that a rider last weekend accused me of driving intoxicated or in possession of drug substance, I was floored as I have never even touched alcohol nor drugs, so I really had no idea where this came from or what would make a rider make such an outlandish claim? They told me my account would be deactivated while they perform their investigation.

    So I responded to the email allegation right away refuting this claim unequivocally.

    However just today, 3 days later they informed me that they have permanently deactivated my account and that I would not be able to apply for a new one. They said they monitor driving accounts and have seen from the past that some riders have put in comments citing safety concerns etc. For that reason they have deactivated me, which I think is quite harsh. Also this was the first time that anyone had ever made this particular claim against me for alcohol/drugs. In the same time there have been many positive comments that I have received from riders, a lot of them commending my excellent driving skills etc.

    So does anyone know if there is any recourse at all for this? Any hope of appeal with them to get back the driving account? I guess this one good case that can be mad for having a Union who can defend you in such instances of harsh treatment.

    Appreciate any feedback. Thank all for your help.
  2. LEAFdriver

    LEAFdriver Moderator Moderator

    Lake County, IL
    IMHO I think they are trying to get rid of all the 20% commission drivers! :mad:
  3. Cynergie

    Cynergie Well-Known Member

    San Francisco
    Lyft isn't the edge of the world.

    Why aren't you driving for Uber? Or doing so e other side gig like Amazon prime etc?

    Tbe world is round you know.
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  4. Don Wren

    Don Wren New Member

    I actually do also drive for Uber part time but this still stings, I never ever imagined these people would actually deactivate me like this for unwarranted reasons.....so I do at least have Uber to fall back on but its nice to be using both so as to minimize idle time etc.....so you think that once they deactivate you for good there are no recourse one can take at all? trying to seek out any possible options....
  5. JimKE

    JimKE Well-Known Member

    Please. SERIOUSLY. Do NOT try to introduce reason or facts into any rideshare discussion.
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  6. Dropking

    Dropking Member

    Sf bay area
    Don, try the local Lyft Hub for live support. There is one in SF if u are local.
  7. Don Wren

    Don Wren New Member

    I am in Seattle, and the do have a hub here. So you think that may be a hopeful attempt, to talk to them at the hub to see if they can re-activate?

  8. touberornottouber

    touberornottouber Well-Known Member

    Volusia County, FL
    I would seriously consider lawyering up. If not against Lyft but against the passenger making the false report which got you deactivated.

    For everyone else this is yet another reason why you might want to stick to working in the daytime and in decent areas and with some selectivity in the pings you accept. Doing this can radically reduce the chances of getting bogus reports, bogus serious accusations, and unjust 1* ratings.
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  9. fairsailing

    fairsailing Active Member

    Yep, nothing after 7pm for me except the occasional high surge airport pickup (I live nearby). Nothing under 4.6 and 4.6 only if the pay is very good. 4.7 if they are very close (generally 4.7's are ok, but don't tip). I "last trip" every ride so I can see every rating, so also avoid sketchy area pickups no matter where I drop.

    After Don's experience I may just cross 4.6's off my list, not worth it. I am a 20% driver too.
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  10. Mr. Taggart

    Mr. Taggart New Member

    Tampa, FL
    I think there's more to the story here.
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  11. surlywynch

    surlywynch Well-Known Member

    What to those annoying weekly rider reports state as concerns? (safety, navigation, cleanliness, friendliness)
  12. Don Wren

    Don Wren New Member

    In the 3000+ rides I have given, of course you get riders who are really @$$ holes picky types really finicky people that if you don't chit chat with them the entire way they get offended and flag you. I have of course like probably most of us, had reports from riders like driving too fast and "safety" concerns, including "road rage" (another out of the blue claim).....bogus claims which I responded to each time, and I have never had any incidents to speak of (accidents, near misses or any other such incidents). But its strange that for all of these past reports Lyft never once found it warranted to ever deactivate me, not even on a temporary basis.......but the number of these reports is a small percentage if you look at the overall picture, and I am constantly getting positive feedback/reviews from riders as well, much more than the negative ones, most of them for excellent driving, and friendliness etc....

    Just gets me that they would look in the past at all the reports and this bogus claim of "intoxication" would trigger them to essentially say "alright we have had enough of this guy, lets fire him, he is too unsafe". Way overboard and not warranted in the least bit.
  13. MsKK

    MsKK New Member

    San Francisco
    In the past I received the same email. Did any of your pax's ask to get out of your vehicle before you made it to their destination? If the answer is no then it's BS! If a passenger feels that their driver is drunk or high why would they allow you to drive them to their destination? How many trips did you take on the day of the complaint? Did anyone else complain ?
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  14. Watup

    Watup Active Member

    People plz get dash cam , otherwise it's your word against pax and lyft/uber will always side with pax most of the time
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  15. outface

    outface New Member

    I agree. They have over saturated drivers, why need to still pay 20%? Deactivate for an immediate saving. What a smart ass!
  16. Don Wren

    Don Wren New Member

    Nope that never happened with me where a driver asks out before their destination, in the many thousands of rides I gave. Also, that night I did have many riders and no other complaints at all except this bogus one (maybe a made-up complaint from Lyft? I don't know, this sort of crap makes me cynical).....

    So you say you have received such an email of an intoxication accusation from a rider in the past? So whatever became of your case? it appears that they did not deactivate you, how did they handle your case of this claim? Just curious.

    [BTW, what does "OP" stand for? I have seen that referenced in some of these forums here.]

    So does Lyft now have 25% drivers? They are trying to pay drivers less?
  17. Aztek98

    Aztek98 Well-Known Member

    0P stand for over priced.

  18. Trump Economics

    Trump Economics Well-Known Member

    Los Angeles, CA
    You have an arbitration agreement, so good luck with a lawyer. If it was me, I’d go to small claims court and demand proof of the incident. If they can’t provide a drug test, you have a case. But what if there’s video evidence? It still won’t prove intoxication, etc. And former comments about safety? Heresay. Lyft’s rating system is discriminatory and easy to disprove. Anyone can rate anyone for anything.

    Good luck.
  19. peteyvavs

    peteyvavs Well-Known Member

    tampa bay fl
    Post this on Facebook and YouTube, Lyft hates negative advertisement. Make sure you say that Lyft made an accusation without any evidence, this is libel and slander.
  20. Irishjohn831

    Irishjohn831 Active Member

    New Rochelle, NY
    If passenger believed you were intoxicated, passenger would have asked you to pull over and exited your car.

    Passenger would not remain in car just to be polite, wouldn’t even have to say I think your drunk, high.

    They would just say pull over and I’ll get out here.

    Lyft is saying a passenger accused you of a crime and stayed for full ride ??

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