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Per mile pay Salt Lake City


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Uber is $0.585/mile and $0.15/minute. Depending how you want to break that down, approx $0.735 total.

Lyft is about the same. However, min fare ride for Uber is $3 and Lyft is $4.12. Park City the min. is a lot higher than that fro both platforms.


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When I started, Uber paid around $0.85 per mile and $0.06 per minute. Waaaaaay better back then. But oddly, I seem to make more per hour than I used to. I think it's due to driving at more peak times and using a few different strategies. Dunno.

On that note, anyone going to start driving PC soon? Wedding season coming up. Come June, I might dedicate to PC. Last summer was OK. Not necessarily better than the valley as far as $$/hr but it's cooler than in the valley. That is, if it ever warms up. So much rain lately....

As far as business on weekends - it's also just OK. It was better a couple years ago. Lots of surge. Now, you'll be lucky if it even surges $3 when the bars get out. It's a lot more saturated market. But most pax are OK despite being drunk and I do well enough to keep doing it.