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People destroying scooters

Stevie The magic Unicorn

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Some destroyed but others may recognize them for their valuable parts. Put up on blocks, wheels, tires, removed, exterior light casings, interior steering shaft and wheel. Has no one heard of chop shops? This is like ordering free car parts to someone skilled in breaking cars down.

Same with the drone deliveries. It won't take much of a genius to figure out how to hijack every.single.one

Let's get real, this isn't happening for at least 10 or 15 years, if then.

Pop one of these baby's under the drive axle and then it's crippled. Pop the hood with a crowbar and take the battery out.

Then your open game to start ripping parts to your heart's content.

If the car's are a standard model for the front end the front bumper's have a really good resale value, that and the headlight assemblies. A hybrid/EV battery?

That's thousands on the secondary market.

A pickup truck and some very common garage tools and any tom dick or harry can strip thousands off these cars in very short order. And they can cause 1000s more in damage in the process.



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Now you're starting to recollect your old chop shop days. Great cottage industry coming that brings the mark to you rather than sendings guys out to prowl the malls looking for a car to steal and take back to the shop. Think about the value of the sensors and computers in the car. You think you can't fence that stuff to a cheap producer of the same thing? Of course, me, never.
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