People are scum

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Not sure which is worse.

But I guess either GrubHub in my market or my training of the GrubHub ML/AI has gotten GH to almost never send me < $10 orders anymore by filling the gap with their "bonus" aka tip-from-GH.

All of the rejected orders were > $10. I hate the 16th Street Smash Burger so I rejected that. Crepes shop had 30 minute wait (they seem to give these types of orders to people that aren't on a scheduled block). The other was while I was already on another delivery.


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As a person i have always tipped the driver for the pizza . I Rem i was 4 or so years old my dad said and explained why we tip them.
Those people are total trash . Cant tip a driver risking there life to get your food then cook at home .!
If i were running these platforms i guarantee 20 an hour for every delivery in impacted states ny mi ohio so on.

Prawn Connery

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$100 clams?? Must be some fancy clams.

Personally, I wouldn't order clams from a burger restaurant. Especially not $100 worth


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How is that guy scum? He said "no tip" and you replied "fine by me!" then took the order. It's not his fault that you accept trash orders.