Penn Students I Want To Swerve Into At A High Speed But Legally Can't


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Penn Students.
The elite.
They walk in the middle of a busy intersection while optically conjoined with their Iphone +++
They say "yaaasss' "I'm living my best life" & brag about their Insta fans (LOL just kidding) "but like tots's seriously..."

They are the future leaders of science, medicine and technology.

I'm ready now lord.
Take me and make it soon.
If you're busy, I'll meet you there.

You Slay!!!


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Once we were as same as them.
But when they get older they will be like us today, looking at the young buds and saying the same thing.
It is human nature, nothing to worry about.
It is not ok when you see 19-20 yrs old act like 40-50 yrd old.