PBOT Jerk at PDX?


There's a schmuck at PDX who I've only seen on the Departures level & he's an older guy with a permanent scowl on his ugly face. He yelled at me once because I didn't immediately leave after dropping off a pax & it was at most 15 seconds after the pax left ny car. I was checking my iPad when he came to my window & literally started yelling at me to move, "or you'll get a $350 ticket!"

On Saturday AM I had a guy flying Alaska Airlines and I always try to drop my pax as close as possible to a crosswalk near their airline just like the rules say we can. I pulled my car just over the last sidewalk hump and popped my auto rear hatch so the pax could grab his bag. My car has to be in Park before the hatch will open (thinking of modifying that) and I see Mr. Grouch with a clip board looking at my car & writing something. I glanced up & noticed I'd pulled a few feet into the Employee Shuttle Bus zone & figured that's why he was taking down info. As I mentioned, there was only me & a parked shuttle bus on the entire stretch of ramp so I rolled down my right front window & moved slowly forward because I wanted to speak to him. He may have seen me roll down the window because he turned around & walked alongside the bus. I stopped next to the front bumper of the bus hoping he'd show but after a few seconds I drove away & couldn't even see him in my rearview mirror.

Does the PBOT Gestapo have to write you a paper violation like a cop or can they just notify Uber/Lyft of your infraction? Since I have both signs he'd have no way of knowing who I was driving for at that moment anyway.

Has anyone else had dealings with this A-hole?


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You signed nothing no id taken, I would think it would be an easy win in court if you did get a fine. Did he take pictures?

Im curious too


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No photos and I haven't seen anything in the mail so I'm not worried about it. If anything develops I'll update the post.