Pay rates in PS area


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Look it up at UBER ..easier...
Also be aware Coachella valley has $ surge not percentage multiplier... in other words no real surge money
I would if I could. I can only look up LA rates....and I am registered in OC. Any time I change areas I get an error.


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.9075 a mile and .1125 a minute, base .75, min fare 3.00 for X
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Check the Uber Driver App. You can get all the info you want for any city in the world.

Put in Location Start and Destination. Select which platform you want.

When you are on the "Confirm" Screen... Click on Grey Dot with the little " i " and see all Rate Details.


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I did to Cathedral City thank you, and had the good sense to stop using my Escalade for Uber, and as far as X goes that's for the "smart" people to figure out why you would subject yourself to that kind of abuse.

Sonoran Uber

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Very low, Do Not bother driving out here, drivers are coming out of the 'wood work' so very little surge & typical pick up is 7-10 mins away to make 3-4 dollars after about 15-20 mins of work.