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Pay Per Mile?


So after one year driving for Uber & Lyft, my average pay per mile is 79 cents. That's before self-employment tax. I calculated it using the total amount I've been paid divided by miles driven. I'm just wondering if it's even worth doing? What's everyone else's average pay per mile?

Disgusted Driver

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You mean, we get paid for this???? Wow, I thought I was just driving people around for fun. :wink:

Seriously though, as bad as that sounds, you aren't doing badly. Is it worth it, probably not. You shouldn't have to pay much tax on it, the first 56 goes to mileage deduction leaving you with 23 cents a mile for declared income.

I only drive select unless a surge is on, I struggle to hit 1.00 a mile, usually at about .96 There aren't a lot of select calls so sometimes have a number of dead miles in between.


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Your profiting around $10 per hour which is not bad. Modify your strategy and you may do better. Thanks for posting. Your information is helpful.