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PAXhole: "I think we should go the usual way..."

Discussion in 'Stories' started by LyftNewbie10, Dec 6, 2018 at 10:02 PM.

  1. LyftNewbie10


    I picked a young lady up to make a pretty big trip ($55+ fare).

    It started off nicely with some small talk. Then I mistakenly brought up the route we were taking.

    Me: "It looks like there's construction ahead an we need to take a detour".
    Her: "I have WAZE too, and it's not showing me that on my phone. I think we should go the usual way."
    Me: (thinking) My version maybe more up to date. "But the WAZE router is telling us to detour, they may have closed the exit/on-ramp from route 167 to route 405 (!).
    Her: "Let's go the usual way."

    I'm getting very annoyed. They have closed the 2 right lanes ahead and we're coming close to the exit/on-ramp.

    Me: "Look---can you see that? The exit/on-ramp from route 167 to route 405 is C L O S E D. We have NO choice but to take the detour (!)"
    Her: "So what way should we go?
    Me: (exasperated) "The detour route, like I have been telling you."
    Me: "From now on. I'll be in charge of the driving and what routes we take!"
    Her: "That sounds like a good idea."

    Somewhere, I said things like, "you obviously don't trust me" and "I can take you back home, if you like."

    It was dead silent for the reminder of the trip.
  2. Devils Advocate:

    I've seen way too many sleezy cab drivers trying to take the long route so why would she trust a random uber driver? Some people need to see it for themselves and who got the bad end of the deal in this situation? She literally helps you take the long route and you're still getting paid to keep driving her anyways rather than you sitting around waiting for another ride so in the end you get more money from her anyways. No need to always try to be right or demean them for demanding a bad route -- that might just cost you a tip or a better rating. Customer is "always right" even if it cost them to be wrong. More money for you.
  3. Fozzie


    Take her back home? WTF? It's 30-40 degrees outside. Drop her ass on the curb and let her negotiate with the next ant that gets the ping. At very least you can enjoy the fact that she's going to freeze her ass off for a few minutes while she waits.
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  4. Actually, I would've gladly obliged. With the new rates, I would've probably made more on time as opposed to distance.

    Sadly, gridlocks are my best friend now.
  5. If she had Waze open herself she clearly has been long hauled before. I realize it doesn't impact her with upfront pricing; but she doesn't know that. If nothing else you'll get paid for the extra time of dealing with her shenanigans.
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